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Black Box Again · I was at a meet­ing the oth­er day, serv­ing as a pan­elist at the Wiki­nomics book launch tour with Don Tap­scott (in­ter­est­ing stuff, I’ll write about it when I’ve fin­ished read­ing the book). Dur­ing the pre-meeting schmooze I got talk­ing to a Univer­si­ty CIO and he was all ex­cit­ed about the Black­box. “Huh?” I said; he’s in the mid­dle of a city and has tons of nice mod­ern build­ings. It turns out his Seventies-era da­ta cen­ter filled up a lit­tle faster than they’d pre­dict­ed, and they have bud­get and lo­ca­tion for a new one but that’s go­ing to take a sol­id two years and by De­cem­ber of this year he’s look­ing at a big-bucks tem­po­rary up­grade of the old fa­cil­i­ty. An in­ter­im Black­box in a shed prob­a­bly saves him megabuck­s. I may have even helped a bit. I know his cam­pus a bit, and I seem to re­mem­ber what the tem­per­a­ture spec on the wa­ter hookup is (I won’t guess in pub­lic here though) and if I’m right, he’s got plen­ty of wa­ter that’s more than cool enough right there. So I said that and asked him “Are you sure you’re go­ing to need cooling?” and he bright­ened right up; if I’m right, he just saved an­oth­er pile of dough. Any­how, looks to me like the prod­uct has legs; I read some­where the oth­er day that we’re go­ing to be get­ting com­pe­ti­tion, which is un­sur­pris­ing.
Sun SPOTs · Hey, they’re fi­nal­ly ship­ping. I’ve been hear­ing this Sun SPOT buzz out of the labs for years, and now they’re sell­ing them; and some­one wrote the bloggers’ list to say that peo­ple are buy­ing them. Smal­l. Embed­dable. Wire­less. Ja­va on the met­al. Cool.
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