I really have to salute Google’s Summer of Code; in every open-source community I listen to, without exception, there are SoC rumbles going around. One community asked me to help a bit, and I’m happy to: OpenOffice.org has had really good experiences with SoC and wants to do even more; they’re looking for students and ideas and if you build something useful, the way OpenOffice and ODF are growing, you have a chance of getting your work on a whole lotta desktops. Check it out!


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From: Bill Mill (Mar 23 2007, at 12:36)

And Sun is going to respond with...?


From: Mark Nottingham (Mar 23 2007, at 18:54)

I agree; things like this tend to give more credibility to their overly simplistic "do no evil" mantra.

Even if the name is blatant hemispherism.


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