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Rain · Our win­ter is now suf­fi­cient­ly bad to be a na­tion­al news sto­ry. It’s rained 19 of the last 23 days, and there’s a heavy-downpour warn­ing over at En­vi­ron­ment Canada. To make things more in­ter­est­ing, the snow­pack on the moun­tains is melt­ing, so the rivers are ris­ing. The sce­nario that no­body wants to think about is when you get a mon­ster rain­storm at the same time as a re­al­ly big snow­pack runoff crest and then that co­in­cides with a big high tide. There are some parts of Van­cou­ver you re­al­ly wouldn’t want to be in were that to hap­pen. But we don’t live in one and any­how, Spring has be al­most here... right?
Summer of Code · I re­al­ly have to salute Google’s Sum­mer of Code; in ev­ery open-source com­mu­ni­ty I lis­ten to, with­out ex­cep­tion, there are SoC rum­bles go­ing around. One com­mu­ni­ty asked me to help a bit, and I’m hap­py to: OpenOf­fice.org has had re­al­ly good ex­pe­ri­ences with SoC and wants to do even more; they’re look­ing for stu­dents and ideas and if you build some­thing use­ful, the way OpenOf­fice and ODF are grow­ing, you have a chance of get­ting your work on a whole lot­ta desk­top­s. Check it out!
The Signal · I of­ten lis­ten to the ra­dio as I sit up in the evening af­ter ev­ery­one else has gone to bed. By ra­dio I mean CBC Ra­dio 2, which used to be called CBC FM. They’re fa­mous for clas­si­cal, but for some time now have had a de­cent jazz pro­gram, After Hours, start­ing at ten. No longer. A cou­ple of nights I turned it on and now it’s The Sig­nal - With Lau­rie Brown. I was hope­less­ly smit­ten with Lau­rie Brown many years ago when she was si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly the hottest and smartest VJ on MuchMu­sic (Canada’s MTV), and this dur­ing those fif­teen Eight­ies min­utes when videos mat­tered. In any case, The Sig­nal is promis­ing; it’s do­ing con­tem­po­rary mu­sic with­out much con­cern for gen­res. But you know, it could light­en up a bit; that first night, there was some Björk and some in­ter­est­ing gui­tar noise and then some­thing called (I’m not mak­ing this up) Com­plete­ly Em­braced by the Beau­ty of Empti­ness. Even­tu­al­ly I had no choice but to turn off the ra­dio and put on some ZZ Top. But then I lis­tened again Thurs­day and they played Dhar­ma at Big Sur, a 2003 work by John Adams that I’d nev­er heard, and hey, it’s great, go­ing to have to get it. Check out Ra­dio 2, they’re on­line, al­though I can’t get it to play on Camino, grumph.
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