Next fall, when they come around with the flu vaccinations, go get the bloody shot! I haven’t been this sick in years. Undulating fever, so I alternate between freezing and sweating; every muscle hurts; my clothes hurt where they touch my body; painful cough. This too shall pass.


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From: Chris Ryland (Feb 27 2007, at 13:46)

Or take an over-the-counter homeopathic remedy. From my doctor, an MD/homeopath:

<<A company called Biron makes a remedy called Oscillococcinum

in a 200c potency. It is often available at your average pharmacy as

an over the counter. Take 2 pellets every 6-8 weeks during flu season

(Oct - Feb) and you're covered.>>

Can't lose--costs almost nothing and it's just a sugar pill. ;-)


From: Skrocki (Feb 27 2007, at 13:57)

Hope your visit with this year's incubus of viral plague ends quickly. :-/


From: Chris Ryland (Feb 27 2007, at 14:01)

I should add: hope you get over it quickly!


From: Ben Donley (Feb 27 2007, at 14:03)

Dear Tim Bray,

Please do not die.

Thanks in advance,



From: Ted (Feb 27 2007, at 14:14)

Hope you feel better soon, Tim! I really enjoy reading what you post to your little corner of the web.


From: Andrew Shebanow (Feb 27 2007, at 16:04)

Don't know if this will make you feel better or not, but as a diabetic my doctor thinks its essential I get a flu shot every year. So I dutifully got mine. Last month, I got the flu. Turns out that they guessed wrong on the flu strain this year and so the shot did me no good. Ugh!


From: M. David Peterson (Feb 27 2007, at 16:22)

Get well soon, Tim! I may not agree with everything you write (and that goes both ways, obviously ;-) but I do sure appreciate what you have to say, and the honest, straight-forward way in which you have to say it.


From: Bob Monsour (Feb 27 2007, at 18:51)

Yes indeed. Do get the shot next year. And yes, it will pass.


From: Michael MacLeod (Feb 27 2007, at 20:25)

I have never had a real case of the flu (nausea, fever, etc), and I've never had a flu shot, but I know several people that got the flu shot this year and still got the flu. I highly recommend a treatment of gravol and flat ginger ale 'till you're stomach is good enough to handle chicken soup. Seemed to work well enough for the girlfriend when she came down with the flu a couple of weeks ago. Hope you're feeling better soon.


From: Roy (Feb 28 2007, at 11:04)

Sounds like exactly what I had. Took 4 days in bed, and another 3 to trully get over it. Even now, I can still feel my lungs struggling. Bed rest is what you need.

P.S. I too skipped the Flu shot. Mistake.


From: Eddie (Mar 02 2007, at 01:54)

Other preventative measures -- its hard to beat regular, disciplined vigorous exercise (don't know if that's your cup of tea or not but I know several alpha geeks who do too much sitting and not enough aerobic exercise). Try something fun like racquetball or tennis and don't worry about your level of play when starting off -- just enjoy the time and meet new people (meet people who are not alpha geeks and who might not even know what XML is!).


From: dr2chase (Mar 05 2007, at 09:00)

I missed my shot (got to work very late on the appointed day) and also got nailed by the bug. Nasty, nasty, nasty.


From: John Cowan (Mar 05 2007, at 23:04)

Comments are closed on "Moose Fever", I assume by oversight, so I'll add it here.

Taking my usual veering (if not deviant) approach to things, I got viral pneumonia instead. No fever, minimal mental impairment (meaning I could do anything except actually write code), no particular pains (what they used to call "walking pneumonia"). But it's scary not being able to breathe. I finally thought to use my asthma inhaler (which I use maybe once a year), which helped quite a lot.


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