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No Cucumbers, Please · Is it just me, or is cucumber tempura a completely lame food? Your typical assorted-tempura for lunch will have prawns (delicious), yams (mm, the contrast between the crunchy outside and the firm inside), maybe a green pepper (not that exciting, but OK), and then the cukes, which are limp, damp, and flavorless under the batter. Why bother?
More Economist Trouble · You know, if I didn’t care so much about The Economist, I wouldn’t be giving it grief here. If the word “journalism” means anything, it should mean quality; I expect that my (expensive) subscription buys me a magazine that I often expect to disagree with but which is thoughtful, well-researched, well-written, and well-edited. I don’t want to abandon journalism, but these guys are dropping their end of the bargain ...
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