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Berkeley on Parallelism · Anyone who cares at all about taking advantage of these nasty new microprocessors that still follow Moore’s law but sideways not just straight up ought to go and read The Landscape of Parallel Computing Research: A View from Berkeley. As the title suggests, it’s an overview paper. Thank goodness we have universities, so that smart people who know about this stuff can invest a few months in surveying the landscape and report back for the rest of us who are being whipped around by the market maelstrom. Herewith way too much applause and disagreement and expansion ...
California Trip Miscellany · Sun schedules the Analyst Summit and the Worldwide Education and Research Conference in the same week in San Francisco, which works well, because it lets those of who pitch in at both (which is basically everyone outward-facing) save on travel and transit. But combine that with some real interesting engineering discussions and some VIP visitors and, well, there go three days ...
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