That would be Obie Fernandez; he offers Some of My Software Opinions, and I recommend it heartily. I agreed with almost all of them; enough that I fully intend to re-use them myself.


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From: Karl Waclawek (Jan 31 2007, at 06:53)

The last of Obie's comments caught my attention:

<quote>The usefulness of generalized application components in the enterprise is dubious.</quote>

Re-usability of service components seems to be one of the prerequisites for implementing an SOA. Obie's comment seems to indicate that this is hard to achieve, if not impossible, unless one wants to develop all components in-house (in which case the components would not be generalized). This has been my belief for a while. Am I seeing this correctly?


From: Paul Clapham (Jan 31 2007, at 08:23)

Based on my experience with enterprise programming (but not SOA), I would put it slightly differently:

"The applicability of generalized application components in the enterprise is limited."

In other words, most application components are going to be for a specific purpose rather than a general purpose.


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