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How Many Pixels? · Now that you have a ten-megapixel cam­er­a, do you sneer at mis­er­able pe­ons like me who are still limp­ing along with a mere six or sev­en mil­lion? It turns out that you may not be get­ting the use of all the pix­els you’re pay­ing for. There’s an in­tense­ly tech­ni­cal de­bate be­tween Charles Sid­ney John­son and Nathan Myhrvold (yes, that Nathan Myhrvold) at The Lu­mi­nous Land­scape (boy, does that site ev­er wrap some beau­ti­ful pic­tures in some butt-ugly web de­sign). Frankly, I didn’t go slow­ly enough to fol­low all the math, but that’s OK, be­cause there’s a tu­to­ri­al called Diffrac­tion & Pho­tog­ra­phy over at Cam­bridge in Colour with a work­ing de­mo where you can see how crank­ing the f/-stop dec­i­mates your pix­el­s. Oh, and while we’re on things pho­to­graph­ic, here’s some ex­treme cam­era porn.
Obie Says · That would be Obie Fer­nan­dez; he of­fers Some of My Soft­ware Opin­ions, and I rec­om­mend it hearti­ly. I agreed with al­most all of them; enough that I ful­ly in­tend to re-use them my­self.
XML 2.0? · Anne van Kesteren sug­gests an XML 2.0 most­ly de­fined by less-Dra­co­ni­an er­ror han­dling, pro­vok­ing fur­ther dis­cus­sion over chez Sam Ruby ...
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