The moon over Melbourne on a delightful Southern Hemisphere summer evening.

Moon over Melbourne

The weather here is maddening. We have gone native, which is to say we get around mostly using the trains and walking. This has often been uncomfortable with the humidity high, the temperature above 30°C, the wind hot and gusty. But in the evening, we almost always eat outside, and the air suddenly feels like skin balm, the gentled wind a caress.

Photopurists will be irritated by the obvious grain the lens artifacts, and the insufficient detail, but the picture looks to me like the evening air feels.


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From: Dave Walker (Jan 08 2007, at 07:31)

Thank you, this is the first photographic evidence I've seen of the well-reported anecdote that the moon appears to be the other way up when viewed from a location in the Southern hemisphere :-)


From: Simon Griffee (Jan 08 2007, at 10:45)

I like the feeling of the photograph, with the grain and the darker cloud on the bottom right. Muggy summer evening indeed! I miss those in Rio de Janeiro, and hope to experience them in Australia some day, too! Thanks for posting the photo.


From: tim's domain (Jan 13 2007, at 00:57)

I'm from perth, so I'll aways think the west cost looks cooler but hey. beautiful shots. I do link the east cost. but yeah perth rocks


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