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JRuby January · In this month’s JRu­by news, Ryan To­mayko goes all vi­sion­ary, Charles Nut­ter pon­ders In­vokeDy­nam­ic, and Nick Sieger’s a com­mit­ter. I par­tial­ly dis­agree with Ryan’s point #3. My im­pres­sion has been that the av­er­age Ja­va pack­age is at least as well-maintained as in any oth­er lan­guage you care to name, and bet­ter than some (but he’s right, of course, that the main­te­nance ac­tiv­i­ty needs start man­i­fest­ing quick­ly via your lo­cal apt or yum or what­ev­er). Al­so, Ryan rec­om­mends Ru­by when “where read­abil­i­ty and main­tain­abil­i­ty are more im­por­tant than per­for­mance and reuse”. Uh, isn’t read­abil­i­ty a re­al­ly im­por­tant fac­to­ry in re-usability? Which means that Charles should be (and prob­a­bly is) wor­ry­ing about call­ing Ru­by code from Java, not just the oth­er way. Any­how, JRuby’s a hot­ter and hot­ter area. I watch the JRu­by de­vel­op­er newslist, which I don’t rec­om­mend un­less you’re an en­thu­si­ast; on a good day Ola Bi­ni alone can sat­u­rate the av­er­age in­box.
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Aussie Snaps · The moon over Mel­bourne on a de­light­ful South­ern Hemi­sphere sum­mer evening ...
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