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JRuby January · In this month’s JRuby news, Ryan Tomayko goes all visionary, Charles Nutter ponders InvokeDynamic, and Nick Sieger’s a committer. I partially disagree with Ryan’s point #3. My impression has been that the average Java package is at least as well-maintained as in any other language you care to name, and better than some (but he’s right, of course, that the maintenance activity needs start manifesting quickly via your local apt or yum or whatever). Also, Ryan recommends Ruby when “where readability and maintainability are more important than performance and reuse”. Uh, isn’t readability a really important factory in re-usability? Which means that Charles should be (and probably is) worrying about calling Ruby code from Java, not just the other way. Anyhow, JRuby’s a hotter and hotter area. I watch the JRuby developer newslist, which I don’t recommend unless you’re an enthusiast; on a good day Ola Bini alone can saturate the average inbox.
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Aussie Snaps · The moon over Melbourne on a delightful Southern Hemisphere summer evening ...
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