You buy it shrink-wrapped in the supermarket, right? And it’s not bad; perhaps a slightly guilty pleasure and certainly best enjoyed in moderation. But you know, that’s not real bacon; somehow, despite having grown up partly on a farm, until a few weeks ago I’d never tasted the real thing. On Main Street in Vancouver (which is not and has never been the main street) at the corner of 20th Ave you’ll find Continental Sausage Co., which I guess supplies restaurants and has an unpretentious little deli that we’ve started patronizing. The meats are in the German style and the ambiance and pace are definitely of another era. Anyhow, on impulse one Friday I ordered six slices of bacon for Sunday breakfast, and she pulled out a big brown slab and sliced them on the spot. Oh my goodness gracious, it’s nothing at all like what the supermarket has. Now what I do remember from the farm is fresh eggs, laid in the last day or so. I wonder where I can find those in Vancouver?


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From: Dustin (Dec 11 2006, at 00:19)

At least the Main St in Vancouver is a pretty major street. While growing up in Toronto, I lived near the Main St there, and it's a pathetic street with nothing happening on it.

PS: I got a good laugh from seeing "On Email" and "On Bacon" beside each other in my newsreader. =)


From: Robin (Dec 11 2006, at 02:17)

Buy a chicken?


From: Andrew Phoenix (Dec 11 2006, at 07:12)

That's a great little deli - one of the best in Vancouver. It always seemed to have exactly what I wanted, fresh.

As for eggs - good luck on that front. The best luck I had whilst living in Vancouver was Granville Market on a Saturday morning. There was a guy who sold eggs and milk and that was it. Now, I haven't seen this fellow in about 4 years (since I moved back to Guelph), but that's where I'd start.

And yes, it was worth braving the 36.4 billion people who decided that Granville was the place to be on a Saturday morning. Well... almost.


From: Eliot Kimber (Dec 11 2006, at 08:29)

In Austin we can buy organically-raised Berkshire hog bacon at the downtown farmer's market. It's already sliced but it's amazing stuff (as is everything else they make with it).

As for eggs: you should be able to find farm-fresh yard eggs at a farmer's market there in Vancouver (although this is the worst time of year for non-factory eggs).


From: Ryan Speed (Dec 12 2006, at 11:53)

The greatest thing about my move from Vancouver to Victoria is the abundance of family run farms within 20 minutes of basically any part of town.

I'm guessing your best bet for fresh eggs would be a local farm in Richmond, which unless you've already got requirements to be there wouldn't be worth the special trip imho.

Maybe there's somebody on the north shore?


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