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On Bacon · You buy it shrink-wrapped in the supermarket, right? And it’s not bad; perhaps a slightly guilty pleasure and certainly best enjoyed in moderation. But you know, that’s not real bacon; somehow, despite having grown up partly on a farm, until a few weeks ago I’d never tasted the real thing. On Main Street in Vancouver (which is not and has never been the main street) at the corner of 20th Ave you’ll find Continental Sausage Co., which I guess supplies restaurants and has an unpretentious little deli that we’ve started patronizing. The meats are in the German style and the ambiance and pace are definitely of another era. Anyhow, on impulse one Friday I ordered six slices of bacon for Sunday breakfast, and she pulled out a big brown slab and sliced them on the spot. Oh my goodness gracious, it’s nothing at all like what the supermarket has. Now what I do remember from the farm is fresh eggs, laid in the last day or so. I wonder where I can find those in Vancouver?
On Email · For years, I’ve had two email addresses; the current job and the long-term personal one. The latter is unfortunately one of the world’s most public, appearing among other places on the front of the XML specification, and thus gets a lot of spam. I mean really a lot. Which was causing some pretty severe pain, but I’m using the Gmail dodge, and that helps quite a bit ...
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