What happened was, I gave the talk in Frankfurt and Björn Schotte pulled out a couple of slides for his blog, without much comment aside from saying the speech was interesting. TheServerSide.com ran a story whose title was a lie, without talking to me or anyone, presumably looking for flameage, and they got some. InfoQ approached it differently; Floyd Marinescu emailed me, and I quote: “This blog [pointing to Björn’s] is starting to be noticed in the Java community and I thought it would be more constructive for InfoQ to post a link to it including a quote from you on what you meant rather than post speculation/flamebait.” So I wrote back “About to blog it.” and he wrote back “Hey, do me a favor and answer a couple questions?” and I did, and Floyd wrote a pretty good piece on the whole thing. (By the way, while I was at InfoQ I spotted this cool interview with Josh Bloch, check it out).


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From: Joseph Ottinger (Nov 12 2006, at 08:44)

Tim, I've responded to this on my own blog: http://epesh.blog-city.com/two_approaches_to_journalism_bullcrap.htm

Let's just say I think your characterization is unfair.


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