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Comparing Frameworks · On Wednesday in Frankfurt at the PHP International Conference I gave a fairly general talk on issues in Web frameworks. I had fun making a graph comparing Java, PHP, and Rails, and you might enjoy it too. [Update: Theserverside.com has a grossly inaccurate flame-bait take on this, and won’t let me sign in to comment; won’t take my password, and also won’t take the one they email me when I say I forgot. Grr.] [Update, February 2007: There’s now a Korean translation by CHOI Jae-Hoon; thanks!] ...
Upcoming Gig: Second Life · Hey, my first Metaverse appearance. That’s this coming Monday 13th at 1PM Pacific. Jeff Barr tells me to practice my gestures. I’m frankly very nervous.
Stimulating Pictures · I don’t know why this tickles me so much, but it does: ongoing is getting a couple of thousand visits a week from people searching for “tea” or “cup of coffee” on Google Images. The piece entitled, well, Tea, is number one! And for “cup of coffee”, A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee is #5. Interestingly, neither of them show up anywhere near the top in the image-search functions of either Yahoo! or Microsoft’s Live Search. In fact, typing those words in and seeing what the three engines produce is kind of interesting (Live Search notably includes actress Téa Leone).
Two Approaches to Journalism · What happened was, I gave the talk in Frankfurt and Björn Schotte pulled out a couple of slides for his blog, without much comment aside from saying the speech was interesting. TheServerSide.com ran a story whose title was a lie, without talking to me or anyone, presumably looking for flameage, and they got some. InfoQ approached it differently; Floyd Marinescu emailed me, and I quote: “This blog [pointing to Björn’s] is starting to be noticed in the Java community and I thought it would be more constructive for InfoQ to post a link to it including a quote from you on what you meant rather than post speculation/flamebait.” So I wrote back “About to blog it.” and he wrote back “Hey, do me a favor and answer a couple questions?” and I did, and Floyd wrote a pretty good piece on the whole thing. (By the way, while I was at InfoQ I spotted this cool interview with Josh Bloch, check it out).
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