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Comparing Frameworks · On Wed­nes­day in Frank­furt at the PHP In­ter­na­tion­al Con­fer­ence I gave a fair­ly gen­er­al talk on is­sues in Web frame­work­s. I had fun mak­ing a graph com­par­ing Java, PHP, and Rail­s, and you might en­joy it too. [Up­date: Th­e­server­side.­com has a gross­ly in­ac­cu­rate flame-bait take on this, and won’t let me sign in to com­men­t; won’t take my pass­word, and al­so won’t take the one they email me when I say I for­got. Gr­r.] [Up­date, Fe­bru­ary 2007: There’s now a Kore­an trans­la­tion by CHOI Jae-Hoon; thanks!] ...
Upcoming Gig: Second Life · Hey, my first Me­ta­verse ap­pear­ance. That’s this com­ing Mon­day 13th at 1PM Paci­fic. Jeff Barr tells me to prac­tice my ges­tures. I’m frankly very ner­vous.
Stimulating Pictures · I don’t know why this tick­les me so much, but it does: on­go­ing is get­ting a cou­ple of thou­sand vis­its a week from peo­ple search­ing for “tea” or “cup of coffee” on Google Images. The piece en­ti­tled, well, Tea, is num­ber one! And for “cup of coffee”, A Damn Fine Cup of Cof­fee is #5. In­ter­est­ing­ly, nei­ther of them show up any­where near the top in the image-search func­tions of ei­ther Ya­hoo! or Microsoft’s Live Search. In fac­t, typ­ing those words in and see­ing what the three en­gines pro­duce is kind of in­ter­est­ing (Live Search no­tably in­cludes ac­tress Téa Leone).
Two Approaches to Journalism · What hap­pened was, I gave the talk in Frank­furt and Björn Schotte pulled out a cou­ple of slides for his blog, with­out much com­ment aside from say­ing the speech was in­ter­est­ing. TheServerSide.­com ran a sto­ry whose ti­tle was a lie, with­out talk­ing to me or any­one, pre­sum­ably look­ing for flameage, and they got some. In­foQ ap­proached it dif­fer­ent­ly; Floyd Mari­nes­cu emailed me, and I quote: “This blog [point­ing to Björn’s] is start­ing to be no­ticed in the Ja­va com­mu­ni­ty and I thought it would be more con­struc­tive for In­foQ to post a link to it in­clud­ing a quote from you on what you meant rather than post speculation/flamebait.” So I wrote back “About to blog it.” and he wrote back “Hey, do me a fa­vor and an­swer a cou­ple questions?” and I did, and Floyd wrote a pret­ty good piece on the whole thing. (By the way, while I was at In­foQ I spot­ted this cool in­ter­view with Josh Bloch, check it out­).
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