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Startup Camp · I spent Thurs­day and Fri­day at Start­up Camp, at the Com­put­er His­to­ry Mu­se­um. This event was sort of orig­i­nal­ly my idea, but smart Sun peo­ple re­tained the good parts—make it an unCon­fer­ence, in­volve David Berlind—and dis­card­ed my sil­ly them­ing no­tion­s; the “Startup Camp” pitch ob­vi­ous­ly touched a nerve, be­cause the place was packed ...
Startup Essentials · I’m here at Start­up Cam­p, which is a blast and I’ll write about it. But I just heard that we’ve gone pub­lic with the Sun Start­up Essen­tials pro­gram. That page is a lit­tle marketing-heavy but I can squeeze it in­to a sen­tence: If your com­pa­ny is in the US, is less than four years old, has 150 em­ploy­ees or less, and you’re will­ing to run So­laris, you can get deep, scary-deep, dis­counts on our hard­ware. Check it out. Hm­ph, they don’t say what the dis­counts are, you have to join up and log in to see them. Al­so, it’s a bug that this on­ly ap­plies in the U.S., I as­sume we’ll fix that. But stil­l, this seems like A Good Thing. [Up­date: They re­moved the So­laris re­quire­men­t.]
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