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Startup Camp · I spent Thursday and Friday at Startup Camp, at the Computer History Museum. This event was sort of originally my idea, but smart Sun people retained the good parts—make it an unConference, involve David Berlind—and discarded my silly theming notions; the “Startup Camp” pitch obviously touched a nerve, because the place was packed ...
Startup Essentials · I’m here at Startup Camp, which is a blast and I’ll write about it. But I just heard that we’ve gone public with the Sun Startup Essentials program. That page is a little marketing-heavy but I can squeeze it into a sentence: If your company is in the US, is less than four years old, has 150 employees or less, and you’re willing to run Solaris, you can get deep, scary-deep, discounts on our hardware. Check it out. Hmph, they don’t say what the discounts are, you have to join up and log in to see them. Also, it’s a bug that this only applies in the U.S., I assume we’ll fix that. But still, this seems like A Good Thing. [Update: They removed the Solaris requirement.]
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