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· · 2006
· · · October
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Da Man · From David Hol­lis­ter, You Da Man! is a sur­pris­ing lit­tle es­say which ranges from Hot Tu­na to grit­ty storage-driver bug-chasing, and is about, well, life.
Oh My Goodness Gracious · In a re­cent piece on the new Pro­ject Black­box, I used some coarse lan­guage, in an id­iomat­ic way, not giv­ing it much thought. The con­se­quences were sur­pris­ing ...
Unicode and Ruby · I gave a pre­sen­ta­tion called I18n, M17n, Uni­code, And All That at the re­cent 2006 RubyConf in Den­ver. This piece doesn’t du­pli­cate this pre­sen­ta­tion; it out­lines the prob­lem, some con­fer­ence con­ver­sa­tion, and in­cludes a cou­ple of im­ages that you might want to steal and use in a fu­ture Uni­code pre­sen­ta­tion. For those who don’t know, “i18n” is short for “internationalization” (i-18 letters-n), “m17n” for “multilingualization”, and you can call me “T1m” ...
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