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Carmel-by-the-sea · The coastline near Carmel, California is remarkably beautiful. And for photographers, some gadget porn ...
Thumper Marketing · An email went around the internal bloggers’ list saying “Hey, you might want to point to the Thumper contest”. So I went to have a look and, yeah, it’s an interesting promotion. But... does anyone else find the notion of using YouTube to deliver a fairly standard corporate marketing piece just a little weird? It’s convenient that venture caps are backing startups that burn kazillions of bucks on bandwidth so that large public companies can deliver video advertising for free. Is it sustainable? Weirder things have happened, I guess.
“Publish” Everywhere · Atom, especially the Publishing Protocol, is moving into the evangelism stage, since the committee work’s almost done and there are plenty of implementations. Here’s why I think Atom is important. If you look at Dave Sifry’s numbers, the growth of the blogosphere is astounding; looking past all the fluff and chaff, there are somewhere between five and ten million people out there who care enough to contribute to the Net once a week or better. That may sound like a lot, but I don’t think it’s nearly enough. Here at Sun, in a blogging-friendly tech-savvy culture, maybe 5% of the people post regularly. So I look at the number of people using the Net and I wonder: “Why there aren’t 50 million, instead of five million, people contributing every week?” The answer: “Because it’s too hard”. We can fix that. Here’s the Atom dream: A “Publish” button on everything. On every word processor and email reader and web browser and cellphone and PDA and spreadsheet and photo-editor and digicam and outliner and sales-force tracker. Really, everywhere. If it doesn’t have a “Publish” button, it’s broken.
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