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5✭♫: Pale Sun, Crescent Moon · Three tracks from this 1993 album by the Cowboy Junkies earned five stars, pretty good for pop music. Plus there’s one from The Trinity Sessions, but let’s leave that for later. There are a lot of Cowboy Junkies albums, and they’re all good as far as I know; I find myself ashamed that I haven’t bought any for a decade or so, so I’ll fix that Real Soon Now. Read on for an appreciation of good songs, good singing, good playing, and good words. (“5✭♫” series introduction here; with an explanation of why the title may look broken.) ...
Thirty-six ongoing Months · Feb. 27, 2003 saw the Hello world post here at ongoing. Three years? Seems like thirty. This, when I post it, will be fragment number one thousand seven hundred and sixty-two. I’d calculate the word-count, but that would take some real work, and my time in front of a computer is full, full with things I want to work on and ongoing fragments I want to write. Thanks, 1,762 thanks, for reading, and to my co-workers and family, especially Lauren, thanks for putting up with the side-effects.
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