I’m kind of overrun with things I want to write about; I was looking dispiritedly at the “blog this” list and I noticed a nifty intersection with my management chain. OK, maybe it’s kind of a feeble hook, but I get to knock three things off the list; herewith interesting stuff from Stern, Loiacono, and Schwartz, but there’s a missing link.

Hal · Hal’s been the Software CTO (& hence my manager) since May last year. I wanted to point out his Long Tails of Sun’s Analyst Summit as evidence that, in running around talking about dynamic languages and LAMP, I’m not some lone-wolf crazy. We really mean it; stay tuned.

JohnnyL · Mr. Loiacono is Exec VP of Software (hence on Jonathan’s staff) and is never called anything but Johnny. What with one thing and another, I’d never actually met him until last week, when we had a face-to-face and I learned a whole lot real quick about the business issues around our software operation (and I got to rant about some of my hobby-horses). Most of his blog entries echo our corporate message-of-the-day pretty closely, but earlier this month he fired off No More “Ready-Fire-Aim” User Experiences, which addresses the fact that Sun’s software products have not, shall we say, uniformly been famous for user-interface excellence. Good piece, something that needed to be said; let’s see if we can execute.

Jonathan · I’ve actually known Jonathan way longer than either Hal or Johnny. And just to be clear: the reason I took this job, and the reason I’m still here, is to be part of the the campaign, with Jonathan at the middle of it, to take a good company in bad trouble and make it good again.

Anyhow, his recent post including the Ning server-cost analysis is real interesting. The most surprising thing is that they were looking at the Opteron boxes instead of the T2000, especially since they’re watts/rack constrained.

Also, Jonathan’s comments have been turned on, which I predicted wouldn’t work but that well, but it has; the conversation around the cost calculations is energetic and informative.

Sigh, my arguments for not having comments keep getting weaker and weaker.

The Missing Link · Well, that’s not my whole management chain; there’s a Scott somebody in there, absent so far in the blogosphere. I thought it was supposed to thrive on strong, occasionally surprising, personal voices.

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