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Java EE 5 · We’re an­nounc­ing all sorts of Be­tas to­day: NetBean­s, Ja­va EE, and so on. Blogs are be­ing ag­gre­gat­ed on The Aquar­i­um. I think the strongest state­ment is Gra­ham Hamil­ton: Rav­ing about Ja­va EE 5. A cou­ple of days ago I wrote “don’t write the Ja­va EE crowd of­f, they’re not stupid at all...” Check Graham’s bul­let list un­der “wide rang­ing goals”; def­i­nite­ly my kind of stuff. Maybe I should try writ­ing that com­ment sys­tem in EE rather than RoR; if EE’s en­try lev­el could be en­gi­neered down to the point where it’s plau­si­ble for one-man pro­ject­s, that would be a game-changer.
Management Blogchain · I’m kind of over­run with things I want to write about; I was look­ing dispirit­ed­ly at the “blog this” list and I no­ticed a nifty in­ter­sec­tion with my man­age­ment chain. OK, maybe it’s kind of a fee­ble hook, but I get to knock three things off the list; here­with in­ter­est­ing stuff from Stern, Loia­cono, and Schwartz, but there’s a miss­ing link ...
Favorites · Tech­no­rati launched Fa­vorites to­day. it’s a sim­ple enough idea, you nom­i­nate a bunch of your fa­vorite feeds and they’re avail­able both as a page to vis­it and an ag­gre­gat­ed feed any­one can sub­scribe to. For ex­am­ple, here are mine; ob­vi­ous­ly, I haven’t had a lot of time to put in­to the se­lec­tion. Near as I can tel­l, this is much like what Dave Winer’s been call­ing Read­ing Lists, on­ly with a rea­son­able GUI. One as­sumes there’ll be an im­port/­ex­port fea­ture even­tu­al­ly, to make them portable. The next step is rea­son­ably ob­vi­ous: in­stead of just “Joe’s favorites” you could imag­ine “Joe’s bud­get trav­el feeds” and “Joe’s manga-fan feeds”. But maybe that’s a false vi­sion; the whole thing about a blog is that it’s a clearly-sourced well-defined voice, so maybe an in­di­vid­u­al person’s fa­vorites is what you re­al­ly wan­t. Frankly, I’m not sure what the use-case here is; but then again, we’re just mak­ing this stuff up as we go along. [Dis­clo­sure: I have a con­flict of in­ter­est as re­gards Tech­no­rati.]
Why We Need Atom Now · Check out Mozil­la Bug #313441. Lots of juicy stuff: se­cu­ri­ty risks, open source good­ness, RSS 2.0 am­bi­gu­i­ties bleed­ing down in­to RSS 1.0. Blog­lines be­ing, uh, a lit­tle slow to catch up. And Atom be­ing the so­lu­tion. My fa­vorite quote: “If you need to use the char­ac­ter ‘<’ in a feed ti­tle, which Bugzil­la ab­so­lute­ly does, you have ex­act­ly three choic­es: be in­valid and work, be valid and fail, or, the *on­ly* re­al choice, use Atom instead.” It works for some oth­er peo­ple who re­al­ly care about se­cu­ri­ty, too. But maybe the security’s just a sideshow; the re­al ben­e­fit of mov­ing to Atom would be to avoid the an­nu­al RSS food-fight.
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