It’s been a couple of months since I’ve hit the WS-punching-bag, but one can hardly ignore it when WS-jargon creeps into the cynical geek’s holy of holies; that’s right, I’m talking about Dilbert. In other recent news, last week SDForum put on an Interoperability Workshop, nicely written up by Paul Krill and Eve Maler. There were some terrific sound-bites: “I understand what all this stuff is and it still makes my head spin”; “The vendors are always pursuing their own agenda” (I’m shocked, shocked); “You really do need to be a rocket scientist to use a lot of it”; and “The thing we have to be a little careful about is that we need abstractions that don’t assume that you can cover up complexity with tooling”. But you know what, maybe Dilbert really is more indicative; when you have startup company, you know you’re in trouble when Dilbert cartoons start showing up on cubicle walls. Let’s see, in this corner we have Gartner saying that if you’re not doing WS-strategic-synergies (as in WS-big-budget), you’re In The Wrong Quadrant. In the other corner, we have Dilbert. I know who I’d bet on.

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February 04, 2006
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