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WSbert · It’s been a cou­ple of months since I’ve hit the WS-punching-bag, but one can hard­ly ig­nore it when WS-jargon creeps in­to the cyn­i­cal geek’s holy of holies; that’s right, I’m talk­ing about Dil­bert. In oth­er re­cent news, last week SDFo­rum put on an In­ter­op­er­abil­i­ty Work­shop, nice­ly writ­ten up by Paul Krill and Eve Maler. There were some ter­rif­ic sound-bites: “I un­der­stand what all this stuff is and it still makes my head spin”; “The ven­dors are al­ways pur­su­ing their own agenda” (I’m shocked, shocked); “You re­al­ly do need to be a rock­et sci­en­tist to use a lot of it”; and “The thing we have to be a lit­tle care­ful about is that we need ab­strac­tions that don’t as­sume that you can cov­er up com­plex­i­ty with tooling”. But you know what, maybe Dil­bert re­al­ly is more in­dica­tive; when you have start­up com­pa­ny, you know you’re in trou­ble when Dil­bert car­toons start show­ing up on cu­bi­cle wall­s. Let’s see, in this cor­ner we have Gart­ner say­ing that if you’re not do­ing WS-strategic-synergies (as in WS-big-budget), you’re In The Wrong Quad­ran­t. In the oth­er cor­ner, we have Dil­bert. I know who I’d bet on.
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