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Damnable Rights-removal Mischief · Last week, there were re­peat­ed per­cus­sive sounds com­ing from the gen­er­al di­rec­tion of ZDNet; those were the weighty blows be­ing land­ed by David Ber­lind on the busi­ness and cul­ture of DRM, which he bills as “Digital Restric­tions Management” (I have an­oth­er sug­ges­tion, above). David is right; the me­dia in­dus­tries, and the tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies who are play­ing their game, are wrong. Here’s a hin­t: when the rest of the world wakes up and re­al­izes they’ve been ripped of­f, they’re go­ing to get mad and they’ll know who did it. So, to the ven­dors (see FairPlay and PlaysForSure) who are play­ing this dirty game: right now would be a good time to get your PR peo­ple work­ing on the damage-control cam­paign.
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