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Koper-Capodistria · It’s in Slove­nia, and its Slovene name is Kop­er, so why the hy­phen­ation? Wel­l, Capodis­tria is the Ital­ian ver­sion, and since the city is jammed right up against a cor­ner of Italy and there are lots of Ital­ians there, and it’s of­fi­cial­ly bilin­gual, the com­bined form feels about right. It’s a nice enough place, and I took lots of pic­tures ...
Operation Eden · Did you think the Ka­t­ri­na sto­ry was go­ing away? I don’t think so. Amaz­ing stuff.
6,950,791 · In the in­ter­ests of full dis­clo­sure, since I have of­ten ful­mi­nat­ed in this space about the gravely-disordered software-patent land­scape, I should state that I re­cent­ly learned that, well, I now have one: Method for de­scrib­ing ob­jects in a vir­tu­al space. The ap­pli­ca­tion was a con­di­tion of re­ceiv­ing venture-capital fund­ing for my last star­tup, Antarc­ti­ca Sys­tems. As I re­view the paten­t, two things strike me: First, how hard it is to read through the lines of le­gal jar­gon to see what the es­sen­tial tech­ni­cal point is. And sec­ond, how bad the draft­ing is; I spot lots of egre­gious ty­pos and mis­spellings that ap­par­ent­ly no­body caugh­t. Th­ese must have crept in dur­ing the pro­cess be­cause the sub­mis­sion was clean. Hm­ph.
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