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Happy Commie Day · It’s May Day, and I see that some still carry on the old traditions. One of the skinny tattooed baristas where I get my morning latte sometimes wears this funky T-shirt with the hammer and sickle logo; I doubt it’s ever crossed his mind that it might mean something, but to me it does ...
Good TV · For any fans who haven’t already, check out the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball offering (no Web site, hmm); it’s really pretty good. The broadcast is high-definition and well-produced too, with the screen chrome unobtrusive, informative, and attractive. The broadcast team—Jon Miller and Joe Morgan—is excellent; Morgan is maybe the best color-commentator currently working, which is a graceful sequel to having been the maybe the best player in the world for a while, thirty years back. Fortunately, the camera only visits the broadcast booth once or twice per game; Jon and Joe have faces made for radio. The “K-Zone” strike zone visualization works surprisingly well, and the between-inning visits with the managers are handled intelligently and have a lower cliché density than you might expect. The between-inning features where a rock band or a politician talks about how much they love baseball don’t do much for me; but ESPN is trying to freshen up a very old medium. Good on ’em.
Another 55’er · I see Dave Winer is turning 50; for a birthday present, I added him to a pretty interesting club that I’m a member of too.
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