The weather’s been terrible pretty well all month, we’ve hardly seen the sun and the temperature’s hardly been over 10°C. At six-ish this Equinox afternoon, I glanced out the front window and gasped aloud; a trailing shaft of sideways sun sliced through the drizzle, some of the visuals were surprising. Then my integrity slipped.

Magnolia blossoms against dark clouds

Photographers just love it when they can snap sunlit anything against dark clouds; the reasons are obvious. I confess to having cranked the clouds’ darkness down a tad, but claim photointegrity.

Then there was this other picture of a bare tree with glinting-wet branches and it wasn’t that great as-is. But I had a loaded PhotoShop in my holster, officer, and I couldn’t help myself. No, it didn’t look like this at all.

Photoshopped tree in the sunset

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March 20, 2005
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