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Big Unicode! · Via jwz, a monster Unicode chart about 6 by 12 feet. I want one!
Danese · So, Danese Cooper is moving on. There are lots of places you can go read about how Danese is smart and well-connected and energetic and generally a good person (it’s all true) so I don’t need to pile on. But I have to admit that there’s something preoccupying me: What the dickens is Intel cooking up?
Offgoing · The box that hosts this cyberhomestead is being moved from somewhere to somewhere else in Eastern Standard Time starting at 11PM Sunday March 20th. They say it’ll be up well before all us Norteamericanos get to work... we’ll see.
Sudden Sun · The weather’s been terrible pretty well all month, we’ve hardly seen the sun and the temperature’s hardly been over 10°C. At six-ish this Equinox afternoon, I glanced out the front window and gasped aloud; a trailing shaft of sideways sun sliced through the drizzle, some of the visuals were surprising. Then my integrity slipped ...
On the Absence of Women · Here’s the problem: in some places, there aren’t enough women around. For example, high-traction blogs, newspaper op-ed pages, and the computer business. It’s obvious and it’s been obvious for a long time, but has provoked a flurry of pretty interesting conversation this last couple of weeks. This is provoked not only by the recent traffic but by a trip to the bathroom on a recent evening at the opera ...
The Wrath of Heaven · May it afflict a pox on the oxen and asses of those public service agencies who offer a useful online resource and change its address every six months for no discernible reason.
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