I have recently adjusted the ongoing software so that each and every image has descriptive text in both its alt and title attributes. This is good accessibility practice and should also make it possible for search engines to find my pictures. But they can’t. The image here, which is in a file whose name, unhelpfully, is IMGP0990.png, is correctly labeled in both title and alt attributes as “Sunlit cherry tomatoes on white-painted wood.” I just now visited John Battelle’s helpful list of search engines and lots of them offered “image search” capabilities, but not one turned that picture up when I searched for “sunlit cherry tomatoes”. (Lots of them turn the page up when you do an ordinary text search.) How hard can it be? I hereby promise that when I find a credible general-purpose Web Image Search tool that leads me to that picture via “sunlit cherry tomatoes”, I will publish a rave review here and do my best to spread the word.

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November 29, 2004
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