My, my, the excitement over podcasting. Thinking about it, I was having trouble getting interested. For me, radio happens either in the car or at home in the evening; I turn the reins over to someone else to play me some music they picked, for free. There are enough decent stations within my reach that I don’t feel the need to time-shift; and for information or discourse, sorry, I prefer text. Then an obvious app came into mind: Musicians could use it for total disintermediation. If some musician of whom I’m a major fan, say Ry Cooder or Emma Kirkby, were to launch a subscription where you pay them a few bucks a month and they promise, once or twice a month, to drop something into your iTunes, well, where do I sign up? There’d need to be some enforceable legalities; basically, a promise not to post what you get on the public Web. Should be do-able.

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October 11, 2004
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