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Other Glitters · In the last day, three Web fragments’ glitters tickled my mind’s eye enough to pass ’em on. Britt Blaser’s remarkable Reel Courage is about the U.S. election but speaks from a different experience and quotes Solzhenitsyn, both good things. In the geek spirit, Dave Sifry is having serious fun mining his own data: he’s posted parts one and two and I’ll be waiting for the rest. Finally, Jeff Hodges sent me a pointer to Phil Agre’s home page, which has some seriously good stuff on it; my favorite was How to Help Someone Use a Computer.
Podcasting Idea · My, my, the excitement over podcasting. Thinking about it, I was having trouble getting interested. For me, radio happens either in the car or at home in the evening; I turn the reins over to someone else to play me some music they picked, for free. There are enough decent stations within my reach that I don’t feel the need to time-shift; and for information or discourse, sorry, I prefer text. Then an obvious app came into mind: Musicians could use it for total disintermediation. If some musician of whom I’m a major fan, say Ry Cooder or Emma Kirkby, were to launch a subscription where you pay them a few bucks a month and they promise, once or twice a month, to drop something into your iTunes, well, where do I sign up? There’d need to be some enforceable legalities; basically, a promise not to post what you get on the public Web. Should be do-able.
Thanksgiving · Canadian Thanksgiving, that is, today, October 11th; I won’t be working much. So, late on Thanksgiving eve I say thank-you to the world for being what it is, and to my family and friends for being what they are, and to the people at work for the good stuff there. And I’ll throw in a photograph of the Autumnal bounty ...
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