Let’s open with something heartwarming: the simultaneous launch of the Arabic and Hebrew OpenOffice localizations. On the technical front Val Henson introduces Crash-Only Software, another thing that’s obvious when you think about it, only I hadn’t. Ted Kim goes way deep on Infiniband, not omitting the politics. Alec Muffet, it turns out, is the father of “crack”, which has been a fixture in the security landscape as long as I can remember. Paul Lamere, who writes about computer speech, illustrates the problem with a charming and horrifying poem about English orthography. New face Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine deserves notice for his name alone, and his material is very promising. On a lighter note, while Sean Gallagher doesn’t work for Sun, the title of his article about us having sold JDS to Allied Irish Bank is just too good to pass up. Finally, I discovered Richard Friedman, and if you follow only one pointer out of today’s Sunbeams, go look at his pictures. Wow.

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July 16, 2004
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