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Sunbeams, in Simultaneous Arabic and Hebrew · Let’s open with some­thing heart­warm­ing: the si­mul­ta­ne­ous launch of the Ara­bic and He­brew OpenOf­fice lo­cal­iza­tion­s. On the tech­ni­cal front Val Hen­son in­tro­duces Crash-Only Soft­ware, an­oth­er thing that’s ob­vi­ous when you think about it, on­ly I hadn’t. Ted Kim goes way deep on In­fini­band, not omit­ting the pol­i­tic­s. Alec Muf­fet, it turns out, is the fa­ther of “crack”, which has been a fix­ture in the se­cu­ri­ty land­scape as long as I can re­mem­ber. Paul Lamere, who writes about com­put­er speech, il­lus­trates the prob­lem with a charm­ing and hor­ri­fy­ing po­em about English or­thog­ra­phy. New face Alex­is Moussine-Pouchkine de­serves no­tice for his name alone, and his ma­te­ri­al is very promis­ing. On a lighter note, while Sean Gal­lagher doesn’t work for Sun, the ti­tle of his ar­ti­cle about us hav­ing sold JDS to Al­lied Ir­ish Bank is just too good to pass up. Fi­nal­ly, I dis­cov­ered Richard Fried­man, and if you fol­low on­ly one point­er out of today’s Sun­beam­s, go look at his pic­tures. Wow.
Yucca Year · This year our Yuc­ca has flow­ered, the first time since we bought the place in 1997. So are all the oth­ers in Van­cou­ver ...
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