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Atomic Heartbeat · The IETF AtomPub Work­ing Group for­mal­ly buck­led down to work on June 23rd, and it’s been more or less won­der­ful since then. Here­with a few words of ap­pre­ci­a­tion ...
Sage · Sage is a news­read­ing ex­ten­sion for Fire­fox. It’s not bad at al­l. I couldn’t get the OPML im­port to work, but us­ing The Awe­some Pow­er Of Emacs was able to mo­gri­fy the NetNewsWire out­put in­to the pu­trid, hor­ri­ble Mozil­la Book­marks file for­mat that Sage us­es. Sage is nice and sim­ple and good-looking and gets out of the way and seems to han­dle all the dif­fer­ent syn­di­ca­tion for­mats just fine. I orig­i­nal­ly saw it look­ing over Lau­ren’s shoul­der, she’s us­ing Fire­fox on Win­dows; so I went & got it and in­stalled it and it worked. I won’t be switch­ing over from NetNewsWire be­cause I’m pressed for time and NNW is ab­so­lute­ly the world champ at scan­ning a whole lot of news re­al fast. Stil­l, I think Sage would hit a sweet spot for a lot of peo­ple, and I’ve thought for years that one way or an­oth­er news­read­ing would mi­grate in­to the browser. Hold on now... what is it writ­ten in? There’s some sub­stan­tial log­ic go­ing on here and it runs on both Win­dows and Mac? Are there ac­tu­al­ly sep­a­rate bi­na­ries? Hah, it’s all done with JavaScript & XUL & XBL and so on. I think it’s go­ing to take a while for us to learn what we can do (and, im­por­tant­ly, not do) with this plat­for­m.
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