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Atomic Heartbeat · The IETF AtomPub Working Group formally buckled down to work on June 23rd, and it’s been more or less wonderful since then. Herewith a few words of appreciation ...
Sage · Sage is a newsreading extension for Firefox. It’s not bad at all. I couldn’t get the OPML import to work, but using The Awesome Power Of Emacs was able to mogrify the NetNewsWire output into the putrid, horrible Mozilla Bookmarks file format that Sage uses. Sage is nice and simple and good-looking and gets out of the way and seems to handle all the different syndication formats just fine. I originally saw it looking over Lauren’s shoulder, she’s using Firefox on Windows; so I went & got it and installed it and it worked. I won’t be switching over from NetNewsWire because I’m pressed for time and NNW is absolutely the world champ at scanning a whole lot of news real fast. Still, I think Sage would hit a sweet spot for a lot of people, and I’ve thought for years that one way or another newsreading would migrate into the browser. Hold on now... what is it written in? There’s some substantial logic going on here and it runs on both Windows and Mac? Are there actually separate binaries? Hah, it’s all done with JavaScript & XUL & XBL and so on. I think it’s going to take a while for us to learn what we can do (and, importantly, not do) with this platform.
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