Well, I think Genx is pretty well put to bed. (Need to generate XML? Need digital signatures? You need Genx.) So, in between endless phone/chat about WS-Uncluttering and Jython packaging and IETF process, I managed to start sketching out some next-project ideas today. And it’s going to be Java, I’ve been in the C-language mines for the past few years and that’s OK, but I work for Sun now and I ain’t going near Solaris internals, so Java Roolz OK ’round here, you hear? Wow, it’s grown since the last time I was in the neighborhood. Hey, I just loaded Ustr into NetBeans and it Just Worked, even got JUnit to run all the tests. This “object-oriented” stuff, it’ll catch on, just watch.

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May 10, 2004
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