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Barbecued Broccoli · No, I’m not kid­ding. I was bar­be­cue­ing a cou­ple of lamb cut­lets and there was this great big head of broc­coli near the front of the fridge. So I tried an ex­per­i­ment and it came out great. Don’t break up the broc­col­i, slice right across the head; a few clumps will come off but you’ll get some flat­tish pieces with lots of stem too. Thin­ner is bet­ter, I think. Brush the whole thing with toasted-sesame oil—a lit­tle hard to come by, but very useful—and put it on the gril­l, high heat, for, well, about as long as it takes to bar­be­cue a cou­ple of lamb cut­let­s. The sur­faces of the leafy bits will be slight­ly charred. Yum­my; I’ll be do­ing this again.
On Digicams · The digital-camera world is in mo­tion and there’s a lot of in­ter­est­ing stuff out there to read. Here­with a quick sum­ma­ry of the state of play, with point­er­s ...
Java Ho! · Wel­l, I think Genx is pret­ty well put to bed. (Need to gen­er­ate XML? Need dig­i­tal sig­na­tures? You need Genx.) So, in be­tween end­less phone/chat about WS-Uncluttering and Jython pack­ag­ing and IETF pro­cess, I man­aged to start sketch­ing out some next-project ideas to­day. And it’s go­ing to be Java, I’ve been in the C-language mines for the past few years and that’s OK, but I work for Sun now and I ain’t go­ing near So­laris in­ter­nal­s, so Ja­va Roolz OK ’round here, you hear? Wow, it’s grown since the last time I was in the neigh­bor­hood. Hey, I just load­ed Ustr in­to NetBeans and it Just Worked, even got JUnit to run all the test­s. This “object-oriented” stuff, it’ll catch on, just watch.
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