I’ve known Liam for years, he was an XML expert back before it was called XML, he’s also a hippie and a calligrapher and a standards warrior and a Gnome geek and a full-text-search hacker, has been known not only to give speeches at major conferences in bare feet but use a custom email header X-feet: bare;. Definitely my kind of guy. I discovered recently (in a mailing list posting) that he’s not only gay but has a husband (he’s Canadian too). Which is way cool, they shoulda told us and we woulda sent flowers. They tell me that in a nearby country the Head of State is trying to Amend the Constitution to prevent this kind of thing happening. Can’t be true, that would just be really stupid, they only do that kind of thing in theocratic feudal monarchies, not in Canada’s nice civilized neighbors. Right?

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February 29, 2004
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