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Spring Again, with Blood · We had rare Pacific-Northwest Fe­bru­ary sun­shine to­day, and gird­ed our loins for some se­ri­ous prun­ing and clean­ing. I took pic­tures and was edit­ing them and thought “decent, but I had pic­tures of spring flow­ers (some of the same ones) this time last year.” Then I re­al­ized that was stupid; do I not look at this year’s flow­ers be­cause I saw last year’s? And there are peo­ple who are liv­ing in places where win­ter is prob­a­bly start­ing to wear ’em down again who might be cheered by a pre­view of what they’ll be see­ing in a few week­s. So here­with the same old cro­cus­es and daf­fodil­s, but this sto­ry has a pret­ty se­vere barb to it. [Up­date: Iden­ti­fied the mys­tery flow­er, worth check­ing out­.] ...
Liam’s Married! · I’ve known Li­am for years, he was an XML ex­pert back be­fore it was called XML, he’s al­so a hip­pie and a cal­lig­ra­pher and a stan­dards war­rior and a Gnome geek and a full-text-search hack­er, has been known not on­ly to give speech­es at ma­jor con­fer­ences in bare feet but use a cus­tom email head­er X-feet: bare;. Def­i­nite­ly my kind of guy. I dis­cov­ered re­cent­ly (in a mail­ing list post­ing) that he’s not on­ly gay but has a hus­band (he’s Cana­di­an too). Which is way cool, they shoul­da told us and we woul­da sent flow­er­s. They tell me that in a near­by coun­try the Head of State is try­ing to Amend the Con­sti­tu­tion to pre­vent this kind of thing hap­pen­ing. Can’t be true, that would just be re­al­ly stupid, they on­ly do that kind of thing in theo­crat­ic feu­dal monar­chies, not in Canada’s nice civ­i­lized neigh­bors. Right?
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