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FileVault + iMovie = Trouble · I was try­ing to im­port some video I shot at the beach in­to iMovie and it just wouldn’t go; the pic­ture would lurch and stut­ter and then the im­port would just halt, no di­ag­nos­tic­s. I was puz­zled be­cause I used to im­port all the time on my much-slower pre­vi­ous Pow­erBook. Then I re­mem­bered that I’d turned on FileVault, i.e. ev­ery­thing in my home di­rec­to­ry is en­crypt­ed. I wouldn’t be sur­prised if soak­ing up da­ta at FireWire rates, plus en­crypt­ing it, might be a bit much; so I logged in­to another—unencrypted—account on this com­put­er and it im­port­ed fine. So I may be jump­ing to con­clu­sion­s, but this looks like a bad com­bi­na­tion.
Double-Headers · We were vis­it­ing our friends San­dra and Mal­colm here in Mel­bourne and picked up a cou­ple of strik­ing closely-related pho­tograph­s ...
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