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Young Cave Pop Strummer Stripes · That would be Neil, Nick, Iggy, Joe, and White, get it? What happened was, I was downtown to meet Roland Tanglao (Vancouverites see also VanEats) and had a few minutes to kill and this big music store jumped out in front of me, and I ended up buying five recordings at least four of which are worth shouting about musically and then there are some other points of interest, like those music-biz guys aren’t fibbing when they say they’re in trouble, you can smell it ...
TPSM 7: Compelling Idea · Some new technologies are exciting; they give geeks and journalists and analysts the feeling that Something Important Is Going On Here, and the urge to tell others. The geeks generate online buzz, the analysts expensive reports, and the journalists, well sometimes something ends up on the front page. Other technologies, while maybe useful, just aren’t buzz-generators. Is the degree of excitement a useful success predictor? ...
Defining a Web Site · I have an action item from the W3C TAG to expand my strawman writeup on our Site Data issue. I’ve written about this problem before: There’s No Such Thing as a Web Site. I’m going to do it here because this is a better writing environment and because I think the issue is of general interest (if by “general interest” we mean to heavy Web geeks) ...
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