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Young Cave Pop Strummer Stripes · That would be Neil, Nick, Ig­gy, Joe, and White, get it? What hap­pened was, I was down­town to meet Roland Tanglao (Van­cou­verites see al­so VanEats) and had a few min­utes to kill and this big mu­sic store jumped out in front of me, and I end­ed up buy­ing five record­ings at least four of which are worth shout­ing about mu­si­cal­ly and then there are some oth­er points of in­ter­est, like those music-biz guys aren’t fib­bing when they say they’re in trou­ble, you can smell it ...
TPSM 7: Compelling Idea · Some new tech­nolo­gies are ex­cit­ing; they give geeks and jour­nal­ists and an­a­lysts the feel­ing that Some­thing Im­por­tant Is Go­ing On Here, and the urge to tell oth­er­s. The geeks gen­er­ate on­line buz­z, the an­a­lysts ex­pen­sive re­port­s, and the jour­nal­ist­s, well some­times some­thing ends up on the front page. Other tech­nolo­gies, while maybe use­ful, just aren’t buzz-generators. Is the de­gree of ex­cite­ment a use­ful suc­cess pre­dic­tor? ...
Defining a Web Site · I have an ac­tion item from the W3C TAG to ex­pand my straw­man write­up on our Site Da­ta is­sue. I’ve writ­ten about this prob­lem be­fore: There’s No Such Thing as a Web Site. I’m go­ing to do it here be­cause this is a bet­ter writ­ing en­vi­ron­ment and be­cause I think the is­sue is of gen­er­al in­ter­est (if by “general interest” we mean to heavy Web geek­s) ...
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