Herewith a brief geometrical study, with a significant contribution from a guest artist.

I have mentioned before that one of the key techniques on which professional photographers base their success is taking lots of pictures so that the law of averages is on their side. On Sunday, the kid (now 4½) got his hands on the much-hated ex-camera and instantly mastered this technique, taking literally dozens of shots of more or less everything. The quality of the output varied wildly (although he’s already learned that for best results you shouldn’t put the camera right up against the subject) but I think you’ll agree he captured a certain something in the composition below (composition his; not cropped in the slightest).

Orange Ping-Pong ball

The weather here has been brutal—apparently too cold to go outside—but the household’s youngest photographer was bouncing off the walls and needed a workout, so I convinced him to take a walk round the block on the grounds that he could bring the camera. He got a couple of decent ones, but for thematic unity I conclude with one of my own; the moon and an evergreen. I want to go to the moon; maybe the kid will.

The moon and an evergreen in winter sunlight

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