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Spheres (Sizes Various) · Herewith a brief geometrical study, with a significant contribution from a guest artist ...
Two Hours of Pure Pleasure · I know I’ve done this before, but last night I sat up and listened once again to Little Steven’s Underground Garage and you know, it’s just so unreasonably good that I can’t resist another plug. It is erudite, scholarly, funny and it ROCKS; what’s not to like? Last night’s show was enitled Soupy, Elvis, and Maynard (Elvis’ birthday on the 8th) and it was an end-to-end blast. You can listen to ’em on the website, but to get a flavor, check out last night’s set list; in particular the Elvis’-birthday section. Little Steven made a special request last night; that everyone who cares go out and buy Iggy Pop’s latest, Skull Ring. I’m going to.
TPSM 3: Candidate Predictors · I’ve already profiled some winning and losing technologies, which I’ll use to build the success matrix for candidate Technology Success Predictors. Herewith an introduction to the nine candidate predictors, plus a challenge to your intuition. Then it’s off to the races ...
TPSM 4: Management Approval · Around 1990, a weird thing happened: IT departments started to experience the momentous soggy “thud” of Enterprise Licenses for Lotus Notes dropping on them from a great height; often procured in a corner office with no involvement by mere technologists. And another weird thing; IT management discovered that signficant jobs were getting done (and well, and quickly) using this weird language called “Perl” that wasn’t taught in any University courses and certainly wasn’t on Gartner’s radar. These can serve as canonical examples of the front-door (with management blessing) and back-door (with management oblivious) approaches to introducing technology. Let’s use our dozen winner and loser technologies to see if the level of management approval would have been much use in predicting their success or failure ...
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