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The “Richer” Interface · On more than a few occasions—most re­cent­ly in the con­text of Avalon—I’ve ob­served here that both IT ad­mins and end-users pre­fer browser-based apps to tra­di­tion­al com­piled clients, for ev­ery­thing ex­cept con­tent cre­ation. Every time, I get emails and in­com­ing point­ers from peo­ple say­ing “You just don’t get it, the Web in­ter­faces are so tired, we re­al­ly need a rich­er UI paradigm.” The in­ter­est­ing thing is that these re­ac­tions are always—every time, with­out exception—from de­vel­op­er­s. Not once has an end-user type per­son writ­ten in say­ing they wished they could have a rich­er in­ter­face like the kind they used to have in com­piled desk­top app­s. I work for a com­pa­ny that sells a damn snap­py, high­ly in­ter­ac­tive us­er in­ter­face that’s en­tire­ly in and of the brows­er (and BTW is very standards-compliant); so it can be done. I have all sorts of the­o­ries about whose in­ter­ests are be­ing served by these ef­forts to take us back to the clien­t/serv­er er­a, but I know for sure that it’s not about mak­ing users hap­py. Nor the IT staff ei­ther.
Great Rant from Ole Eichhorn · Check it out. There’s way too much here to sum­ma­rize, and there are bits you could quib­ble with, but Ole is ob­vi­ous­ly a smart guy and ev­ery word is worth read­ing. For a re­al sur­prise, read the lit­tle se­quence near the bot­tom about Don Box’s ques­tions for the au­di­ence. Like Ole says “There is no mag­ic bullet.”
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