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Housekeeping · I have just switched over the on­go­ing soft­ware. It us­es ImageMag­ick in­stead of GD (bet­ter but slow­er, there’s no free lunch). Al­so there’s a print stylesheet, which has caused me much grief. It works kind of OK on some browser/OS com­bi­na­tion­s, but most mem­bers of the Mozil­la fam­i­ly present the print stylesheet on screen nice­ly, but blithe­ly ig­nore it when you ac­tu­al­ly print, pro­duc­ing a fac­sim­i­le of the narrow-columned de­fault page. Win­dows IE, when asked to print, sim­ply ig­nores all the CSS and pro­duces un­styled HTML, which while ir­ri­tat­ing ac­tu­al­ly works OK if you want to read one of my length­i­er ex­cur­sions on pa­per. I’ll shake it down even­tu­al­ly ...
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