This is just another bunch of garden shots, some of the autumn colours are remarkable. In which context I want to send a long deep tip of the hat to Doc Searls, his shots from the Foo camp put me completely to shame. No flower is as interesting as a human face; I look into my heart and realize that up till now I just haven’t been brave enough to point my camera at people and focus in hard. Mind you, to Doc’s further credit, I’ve heard a few voices saying “When did he take that? I had no idea!” So I guess you have to be brave and sneaky, too.

White Ornamental Winter Cabbage

Above is a White Ornamental Winter Cabbage, below a Pink, both of which only really come to life when it starts getting cold at night. It’s surprising there’s so much colour left around them in the garden, this late in the year.

Pink Ornamental Winter Cabbage

Below are red blueberry leaves; these plants are continuous joy year round; these colours in the autumn, graceful branches in the winter, lovely foliage in the warm times, and then of course the blueberries; the world has better things than a sun-warmed blueberry off the bush, but not many.

Red blueberry leaves

Finally, a bit of context around those blueberries. Really, the fall colours are nothing to sneeze at.

Red blueberry leaves in a bed of autumn colours

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