· Naughties
· · 2003
· · · October
· · · · 13 (1 entry)

White Pink Red Blue · This is just an­oth­er bunch of gar­den shot­s, some of the au­tumn colours are re­mark­able. In which con­text I want to send a long deep tip of the hat to Doc Searl­s, his shots from the Foo camp put me com­plete­ly to shame. No flow­er is as in­ter­est­ing as a hu­man face; I look in­to my heart and re­al­ize that up till now I just haven’t been brave enough to point my cam­era at peo­ple and fo­cus in hard. Mind you, to Doc’s fur­ther cred­it, I’ve heard a few voic­es say­ing “When did he take that? I had no idea!” So I guess you have to be brave and sneaky, too ...
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