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Patriot Games · The ti­tle of this note is copied from that of a fea­ture ar­ti­cle in the mag­a­zine of Ha’aretz, an Is­raeli news­pa­per. I have a spe­cial in­ter­est in the Mid­dle East, as a re­sult of hav­ing lived there be­tween the ages of sev­en and eigh­teen. I have strong opin­ions which by and large I pre­fer not shar­ing, as they have some­times pro­voked trib­al big­otry in peo­ple whom I like and re­spect as long as this sub­ject is avoid­ed. Ha’aretz in my opin­ion hosts prob­a­bly the best—sometimes the only—discourse about the Is­rael/Pales­tine co­nun­drum where the norm is nu­ance, bal­ance, and hu­man­i­ty. The fact that the cra­zies on both sides sneer at it (as they do the cur­rent Roadmap) is ev­i­dence that Truth lives there. Enough of that. This ar­ti­cle has a whole lot of that nu­ance and hu­man fla­vor, and wide un­cloud­ed eyes fo­cused on peo­ple, at least most­ly, and most­ly not on God or land or ide­ol­o­gy or mythol­o­gy or vengeance. Worth read­ing.
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