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iTunes Music Store and the WWW · I should say off the top that I'm a huge fan of Apple iTunes Music Store (hereinafter iMS). There are so many things right about it, and once they figure out how to include in the indies and boutiques, it may just turn the music biz inside out in a good way. Unfortunately, I'm a pedantic geek and a lover of the WWW, and so I just have to point out a few ways in which iMS could be made a better Web citizen with benefits all around ...
Cashless? · Summer is distinctly here and I took a side-trip on a coffee expedition to the sunglasses emporium; the sharp-dressed young woman explained that the inexpensive sunglasses were on this side, the designer models on other. But then she wouldn't take my money ...
Programming Languages and Text · Welcome to another installment in ongoing's ongoing tour through text-processing issues. This one is about programming-language support, and while it makes specific reference to Java, tries to be generally applicable to modern software environments. The conclusion is that Java is OK for some kinds of text processing, but has real problems when the lifting gets heavy ...
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