“Forty-six days it's been raining.” said Shannon when she came to work this morning; that sunny day was just a teaser I guess. Let's assume that whoever wrote this was right about that promise in the last verse. But the car is dry inside and the music is on.

White Strips Elephant CD Cover, Japanese version

Hmm... maybe there's something to all this buzz about the White Stripes (don't follow this link in the office with the sound on), a couple of the numbers they have on the radio are just superb, even though I have trouble with the current fad for putting singers' voices through a squeeze-&-distort filter so they sound like a small bad AM radio. And (check out the website) you have to like a band with a carefully-considered colour scheme, especially when the colours are red, white, and black; all other colour schemes are second-rate compared to that one. Examples of marketing-savvy users include Germany's former National Socialist party and California's Oracle Corporation.

I was going to do a little graphic of a recent Oracle ad next to the swastika flag, but that would be in poor taste however identical the colour schemes, and anyhow Oracle's web site is way slow, I mean really dogging it, hey Larry, that's worse PR than having your logo up with the Nazis.

Song's over, DJ's yapping, let's punch another station... yap... punch another... yap... another station... yap. Dammit radio is for music I thought.

Steve Winwood

Hey, the classics station has an attractive blast of slow-guitar noise, sounds kind of contemporary, and there's this throaty singer who sounds like Eddie Vedder. Hold on a second, I know this, it's the live version of Traffic's Dear Mr. Fantasy, recorded in, uh, 1969? (No, Steve doesn't normally sound like Eddie). Does nothing ever change?

Still, it's a cheery thought that on a really wet morning in a really wet spring, fifty-two years after the birth of rock & roll (that would be Ike Turner's version of Rocket 88, recorded at Sun studios in Memphis in 1951), there are still new riffs being set to a backbeat for me to play waaay too loud on my way to work.

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April 24, 2003
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