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Drive 46 · “Forty-six days it's been raining.” said Shan­non when she came to work this morn­ing; that sun­ny day was just a teas­er I guess. Let's as­sume that who­ev­er wrote this was right about that promise in the last verse. But the car is dry in­side and the mu­sic is on ...
On Hats · I usu­al­ly wear a hat when out­doors, as a fash­ion state­ment and on the ad­vice of my physi­cian, who says that bald white guys ei­ther wear hats out­side or are wear­ing a can­cer farm on top of their head. Here­with a rec­om­men­da­tion for a good line of hats and some re­marks on mak­ing them ...
Paintshop for Mac? · Since Antarc­ti­ca is very graphics-oriented com­pa­ny, I'm of­ten do­ing graph­i­cal twid­dling or fix­up of one kind or an­oth­er when the job isn't se­ri­ous enough to call the re­al pros in. Back when I was on Win­dows, I most­ly used Paint Shop Pro, which does a whole bunch of use­ful things in a straight­for­ward way at a fair price. There doesn't seem to be any­thing equiv­a­lent on the Mac ...
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