c|net is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Web browser with a pretty good series of articles. What caught my eye was the discourse on browser market shares in this one, which is well worth reading. But their snapshot of the current state of reality is way out of line with what I'm seeing.

graph of browser market shares, 1995-2003

I've stolen the graphic above from c|net since I have poor luck pointing into their archives, I hope they don't get mad at me as long as I reiterate my advice to check out the source.

I'll run some logfile stats on ongoing's two-month anniversary in the last week of April, but I can tell you right now, the visitors here are not 96% Internet Explorer, not even close.

Is this because I write about Mac stuff, or Open Source stuff, or because bloggers are different? It's hard to believe this segment of the world is all that far off the mainstream. Further investigation required, I think, but that's a job for a professional journalist who's getting paid to do it.

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April 16, 2003
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